Built to survive

Stylish and handy design

A sturdy design combines black and yellow tone to exude vitality and wildness. The optimum dimension makes it more manageable with one hand.。

Waterproof. Dustproof. Lifeproof.

DG1 plus is certified for IP68. It is 100% dust proof and still works well after submerging in water up to 1.2 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. The six sides of the phone are all able to survive a fall from 2 meters. whatever life throws at it, this phone is a survivor.

Rugged and dependable

The DG1 plus is made of tough stuff. Its aluminum body, toughened casing and Corning Gorilla glass screen make it fire and impact-resistant and functions perfectly in temperatures from -40°C to 80°C. It is specifically designed to withstand certain harsh conditions.

NFC one-touch connection

The built-in NFC chip enables building extremely easy-to-use user interfaces that connect the digital and physical worlds.NFC users can trigger actions such as mobile payment, access control, data transmission and browsing information etc., for you to enjoy an efficient, high quality and fashionable life experience!

NFC Test Report

Test Standard
Type of Card
Industrial Standard(mm)
Test Result(mm)

Glove & Wet Touchscreen Operation

With a multi-point ultra-sensitive touchscreen, wet hands or gloves are now screen-friendly. Whether you're in the rain or just trying to stay warm, Glove & Wet Touchscreen Operation come standard and are always on.

Always stay in touch

The powerful Walkie-Talkie function enables you to talk within a range of 2.5km to 3km while remaining stable signal. It’s the perfect phone for communicating anywhere, anytime, with a SIM card/network connection or without.

Designed for the outdoors

With a range of intelligent sensors including a magnetometer, gravity sensor, proximity sensor, compass, barometer sensor and three axis gyroscope, the DG1 plus is the perfect companion for your travels.

A great phone for the great outdoors

Large hardware keys on the side are designed ready for you anytime, anywhere. Push-to-Talk enables you to communicate with people instantly ; SOS is meant to call the preset number for help in an emergency; the quick launch button for camera is always at your service to take memorable shots in your life.

Shoot under water

2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera support auto focus and taking photos underwater. Whether you are swimming, diving or in the rain, the camera is always ready for the fleeting moments. The digital image stabilization technology makes photographing easier.

All-day power

The last thing you want is for your battery to run out. Packing a whopping 3000 mAh capacity, the DG1 plus’ lithium-polymer battery will carry you through the day and beyond.

High quality sound

The DG1 plus comes equipped with BOSS loudspeaker, which delivers high class audio performance throughout the phone, and a noise-cancelling microphone that allows for clear conversation even in loud environments.